Cylinder Hydro Testing

We, at Sunrise Gases, Bahadurgarh , have an advanced Cylinder Hydro Testing Station duly approved by PESO.  We have the capability to test Cylinders up to a pressure of 700 Bar (714 Kgf / Cm2).

What is Cylinder Hydro Testing?

Hydro Testing of Cylinders, which is also known as the hydrostatic stretch test is the process of testing majorly all the Gas Cylinder except Acetylene (such as Oxygen, Argon, Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Carbon Dioxide, Calibration Gases, Gas Mixtures, and any other Seamless or Welded gas Cylinders irrespective of Cylinder MOC ) for strength and possible leaks. Periodical Hydro testing is often required to validate that the cylinder is working in the proper condition and is suitable to be used in the future for a further specified period .

Why Cylinder Hydro Testing?

As per the guidelines of Petroleum & Explosives Safety Organisation, (PESO), it is mandatory for every High-Pressure Seamless Cylinder to undergo Periodical Hydro Testing Process after an interval of 5 years, or in-between as and when the need arises depending upon the existing condition of the cylinders. Some Gas Cylinders like CNG & Toxic Gases etc, needs to be Periodically hydro tested every two years or after an interval as specified by PESO / BIS.

A cylinder is Normally Periodically Hydraulically Tested at a pressure (called Test pressure) which can be 1.5 times or 1.66 times of working pressure depending upon the manufacturing standard of the cylinder and its MOC. Periodic Hydro testing is carried out to check the elasticity of the cylinder material. Every cylinder material undergoes elastic stress/expansion during each gas filling process. With time and repetition, this elasticity goes on deteriorating, which is undesirable for safety reasons. This is the reason we need to check the cylinder for its elasticity i.e to check that after releasing the test pressure, the material of the cylinder gets back to its original position within the specified tolerance limits or not.

How Cylinder Hydro Test results measured?

This testing procedure results are measured in terms of Percentage Permanent Expansion and shall fall in the certain prescribed limit as per the guidelines of PESO.

Why you should choose Sunrise Gases?

We, at Sunrise Gases, have vast experience, expertise, and instruments to carry out this testing procedure as per the rules & regulations laid down by BIS & PESO. We have a CCOE recognized Hydraulic Test Lab for the purpose.

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